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MUST SEE! Check the video below and watch Gerry Biting an apple, a Sneakers bar, corn on the cob and a pear with his Snap On Dentures (Mini Implant Dentures System!)

Get Your Implant Supported Dentures in Cancun, Mexico!

 What Are Snap On Dentures?

 How Snap on Dentures (Implant Retained Dentures) Work?

 What Are Mini Dental Implants?

 How Is The "Snap On" Effect Created?

 Check How Fast Is To Place Your Snap On Dentures!

 Most Common Dentures Problems

 Food, Glorious Food!

 Eating Experiences After Snap On Dentures!

 Frequently Asked Questions

 What Is The Snap On Dentures Cost?

 Who Will Perform The Procedure?

 How Will My Snap On Dentures Look?

 What Do Our Patients Think Of This Procedure?

The Snap On Dentures creates a strong bite. You will be able to eat anything you want! You will be able to speak confidently again! The Snap On Dentures do not move unless you unattach them from the Mini Implants and take them off!

Bite an apple! Eat a steak! Laugh openly! Speak freely!

What Are Snap On Dentures?

Snap On Dentures are most commonly known as Denture Implants, Dental Implant Dentures, Mini Implant Dentures or Implant Supported Dentures) This dentures are designed to be removable, and they are adapted with Snap On devices, so you can take it on and off easily.

Snap On Dentures are dentures that get attached to several Mini Implants previously inserted in your jawbone at our clinic. The head of the mini implants and the O-Rings placed at the dentures creates the "Snap" effect when you place them. These dentures have "no palate" and they can "Snapped On" and "Snapped off" from your jawbone.

This is a non-surgical procedure that will create for you new teeth in less than a week while you enjoy a vacation in paradise!

Get new dentures or use your existing set of dentures (we can adapt them with rubber O-Rings). Either way, you can use any of those options to get all the benefits of the Snap on Dentures!
Miracle Dentures
When your denture is Snapped On, it rests over your gums. This means your Snap On Denture will not move or wiggle, avoiding any gum soars.


How does Snap on Dentures (Implant Retained Dentures) Work?

  Bevely - From New Jersey, NJ

  Gerald - From New York, NY


This Snap On Dentures System is designed to stabilize your dentures!

Getting Mini Implants is minimally invasive, does not represent a significant discomfort, it is affordable and the healing time is fast!
The complete procedure (Mini Implants and New Dentures) is performed in 6 days! (Or in one day if you preffer to keep using your current denture)

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

The MINI Dental Implants (MDI) is a small titanium screw designed to be placed on your jawbone. It was developed in 1980 and it is FDA approved.

The MDI system consists of a miniature titanium implant that acts like the root of your tooth. Each Mini Dental Implant has a head and we create a denture with O-Rings, that way the Denture can Snap On and Snap Off!

Making your bite as strong as when you had your bite when you were young!


Mini Implant Dentures

We place all the Mini Dental Implants (MDI) you request or need in a single visit to our clinic. The Snap On Dentures are already used by thousands of Americans who can enjoy again the benefits to have a strong bite!

How is the "Snap On" effect created?

The head of the Mini Dental Implant is shaped like a ball and the Denture created for you (or we can also use your own denture adapated) acts like a socket that contains a rubber O-ring. The O-ring snaps over the head of the Mini Dental Implant when the denture is Snapped On (seated over the gums), and holds the denture making it strong! You can even bite an apple!

Placing Mini Dental Implants on your jawbone is a non surgical procedure, minimally invasive and involves a little pain (Local anesthesia is used. The option to be fully sedated is available as well). We requiere only one hour to place all the Mini Dental Implants you need in your jawbone.

Some people are very used to their own dentures, and they want to keep using them, in this case, we can adapt your current dentures by placing in then some rubber O-Rings. We can also create a new Denture with O-Rings for you (in this case, we need you in Cancun for 6 days). The Snap On Dentures makes your bite as strong as it used to be in your early years!


Check how fast it is to place the Snap On Dentures!

  David - From Scotland, UK

Snap On Denture placed in 3 seconds!
  Blan - From Kentucky, KY

Snap On Denture placed in 4 seconds!
  Oletta - From West Virginia, WV

Snap On Denture placed in 7 seconds!


Most Common Dentures Problems

There are approximately 40,000,000 people in North America who are "edentulous", meaning they are lacking teeth - one or more teeth, who struggle daily with all types of prosthetic devices.

Most of them deal with discomfort as a result of loose or ill-fitting dentures. Some preffer to simply withdraw from some types of social engagement since they are afraid they could have an embarassing situation.

Old fashioned dentures usually rub, hurt, and irritate the gums. The movement of the jaw makes it basically impossible to maintain a denture in place for old fashoned dentures. These are full palate dentures and people ususlaly find the need to use messy and sometimes expensive adhesives to try to keep dentures in place. Most of these denture adhesives do not work well and denture wearers can not seem to forget that their denture could get unglued, and again, be in an embarrasing situation.

Knowing that your dentures could move while you eat, speak or laugh, leads to a lack of conficence that AFFECTS YOUR SOCIAL LIFE AND YOUR SELF-ESTEEM!
Implant Retained Dentures


Implant Supported Dentures

Food, Glorious Food!

One of the top pleasures in life is to eat. When you lack some or several teeth and you are a denture wearer you will understand the problems that can arise when eating. People usually deal with having to mash their food or swallow tiny bites because they are unable to chew it!

Dentures glue may be not strong enough to bite certain foods and a problem that arises is that when you bite on one side, the same pressure on the denture makes the other side of your denture become loose.

Also, many dentures have palate, and the palate is a very important factor to taste food better. When you have your palate covered by a denture, many food flavors are simply ignored. With Snap on Dentures you will be able to chew and bite on any side without any slips or movement of the denture, plus Snap On Dentures have no palate and enjoying food will be a pleasure you will have no trouble remembering.

Please see below videos to see experiences with people and their food after Snap On Dentures.


Eating experiences after Snap on Dentures!

  Susan - From Portland, OR

  Amy - From Houston, TX


Implant Supported Dentures Q: Must I have new dentures made?
A: It is your choice. We can create a brand new set of dentures for you or we can adpat the dentures you wear now.

Q: How do I know if I am a candidate for Mini Dental Implants?
A: Almost anyone can have them, in fact Mini Dental Implants are betetr for people with less bone.

Q: How painful it is to have these mini dental implants?
A: Not painful at all, you may experience minor discomfort for one day. We use local anesthesia and get a full sedation is also an option at an extra price.

Q: Will I have temporary dentures while you create the new dentures for me?
A: in 80% of the cases we do it. There are some cases (when your bone is too thin) that we need at least 3 days of no pressure over those implants. It varies in each case.

Q: How many Mini Dental Implants do I need to have Snap On Dentures?
A: For upper arch we recommend at LEAST 5 or 6, for lower arch we recomment 7 or 8. Depends in the size of your jaw, your grinding, etc.

Implant Supported Dentures How many days I need to stay in Cancun?
A: For new Dentures we need you 6 or 7 days. to adapt your current dentures a couple of days will be more than enough. The lab does not work on sundays, so pelase do not count sunday as a day for your treatment.

Q: Can my body reject Mini Dental Implant?
A: Please keep in mind your body could reject them, but it is not in your hands or in ours, It is your natural body reaction and it happens in 7% of all cases. In smokers the chance raises up to 30%

Q: Could I get an infection after getting the implants?
A: There is a strong possibility if you smoke or dont have the proper hygiene or if you do not take your antibiotics after ther procedure.

Q: If I am a smoker, can I still have dental implants?
A: Yes you can, but there is a big chance (30%) you will lose them. Your warranty will be void on lost or rejected implants on smokers.

Q: Will I be able to sleep with my dentures?
A: Yes you can, it is your choice, the denture will not hurt your gums.

Q: I need several extractions, what anesthesia options do I have?
A: We use local anesthesia, or if you preffer you can have sedation. A professional anesthesiologist performs it and has an extra cost of $399 US.


What is the Snap On Dentures Cost?

Mini Dental Implant
$450 US each
New Denture with O-Rings
$1,200 US each (upper or lower denture with O-Rings)
Adapt your current denture with O-Rings
$85 US per O-Ring placed on your current denture.
Tooth Extractions
Up to eight extractions for free when getting mini implants and new dentures in uppers and lowers.
Normal extractions cost: Regural teeth ($89 US each), Molars ($150 US each).

Anesthesia (local) · Impressions · X-Rays · Extractions*
* Up to 8 free extractions when getting upper and lower Snap On Dentures.


Who will perform the procedure?

German Arzate DDS MS. He has over 22 years of dental experience, he has been a cosmetic dentist for the past 10 years and has placed over 5,000 dental implants. He is very experienced in the Snap On Dentures procedure. He is the most recognised dentist in Cancun, Mexico.

He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), American Dental Association (ADA) and Medical tourism Assosiation (MTA).

He is fully English spoken and has been treating American patients for at least 10 years at his clinic in Cancun, Mexico.


How will my Snap On Dentures look?

We customize your Snap On Denture according to your jawbone, bite type and the color is your preference!

Acrylic and porcelain available.
  Carol - From Dallas, TX

  Carol - From Dallas, TX

  Charles - From Charlotte, NC
  Charles - From Charlotte, NC


What do our patients think of this procedure?

  Jake - From Manitoba, MB

  Mary - From Fort Lauderdale, FL

  Brent - From Ohio, OH

  Ken - From New Jersey, NJ

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