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How can eating disorders affect my teeth?

Eating disorders

Some people try to avoid this subject, because it is too delicate, but it is important to know if you have an eating disorder, or if you know someone with this mental disease.

An eating disorder is a mental illness that can be mostly related to a body image, for example, we can mention 3 that are related to the mouth and stomach: Anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eaters.


Consist in avoiding food by self control, the patient wants to be thin. They seem themselves as fat people, and they are never thin enough for them. They can also vomit, use laxatives and diuretics. And also they do a lot of exercise.


They eat compulsively and after eating they vomit, this can be repeated more than one time every day. They also feel guilty and fat, because they consume too much candy and unhealthy food. This is the most harmful mental illness for the mouth and teeth, from the 3 mentioned. It is also related to the use of diuretics and laxatives.

Compulsive eating

This is similar to bulimia, just because they eat in a compulsive way, but the difference is that the patient do not vomit or purge. This kind of disease if one of the most visibles in many countries like the USA and Mexico. They also feel guiltiness.

Each one of this diseases have different consequences. For example, anorexics suffer from xerostomia, which consists in dry mouth, this can weaken your teeth, at any time they could fall out of your mouth. Them can also lose their color.

Bulimia can make you lose all your teeth, depending on your purging habits, this is a terrible practice, because the acids produced by the stomach are expelled through the mouth, hurting your teeth.

Compulsive eating disorder can be also damage, this can provoke cavities and many other diseases.Eating too much does not mean that you are healthier.

But all this mental disorders can also affect your general body health. Woman can lose their period, and both men and woman can lose their hair. Other harmful consequences are: cardiac problems with a big risk of a heart attack, constipation, renal insufficiency, dry mouth and lips, mouth injuries, gums bleeding, extreme sensitivity to cold and hot drinks and food and dental erosion.

Actually, many bulimics have to use dentures due to their mouth and teeth damage.

We can also metion other mental diseases realted to body image and weight, but them are not related so related to the mouth as these three mentioned diseases, but this are: vigorexia, orthorexia, and dismorphic body disorder.

As you can see, mental disorders are highly risky and harmful for your mouth, and body health. The best thing to do is to see a psychologist and also a dentist and a doctor. Mental health is so important and body and teeth health.


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