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Advantages of Mini Implant Dentures


You might be asking your self, “what are the main advantages of getting affordable mini implant Snap in Dentures instead of regular dentures or single implants?”. Well, let’s go over each point:

  • Cheaper than in the USA and Canada. Our prices are much more affordable than in other countries, but our quality is the same. You could save up to 70% compared with dentists back at home. Other implant dentures can cost over $60,000 USD!
  • You can choose the size, form and color of your new teeth on your palateless denture. Get the hollywood smile you always wanted, exactly like you imagined! Our doctors will give you advice on what would look best given your form of your face, size of your mouth, skin tone, etc!
  • Palateless dentures! The snap in dentures have no palate roof, so you will enjoy the real flavors of your favorite food. Regular upper dentures don’t let you do that!
  • Only a quick and minor surgery required. You will only require local anesthesia and we can set the mini implants on a single two hour session.
  • New amazing palateless dentures IN ONE WEEK!
  • Fast recovery, immediate load! As soon as you get your new snap in dentures, a palateless denture you will be able to use them to speak, chew, bite and smile.
  • You can take them on and off  like a regular denture but without all the messy glue or adhesives and is a palateless denture! What’s not to love about that?


Start a new life experience today. With Snap in Dentures you will get a strong steady bite and an amazing, secure and confident new smile!  You won’t have to hide your teeth anymore. Smile proud and openly! Get in touch with our dentists in Cancun so we can look at your x-rays and give you a FREE EVALUATION.




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