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The Power hidden behind of a Smile

power of a smile

How long have you do not smiled at your loved ones and situations that makes you happy about living? Maybe you are tired of this kind of life, which is why we bring you some reasons that will help you to remember the importance of a simple but great smile.

Smiling has been studied by psychologists for long time, because our facial expressions are an essential part about our interaction with other people.

When you smile to another person, both will feel connected and with better energy, instead of a serious and boring talk without any feeling. A facial expression can say a lot of things about what is happening to you and others. It is like gravity and imitates nature, when a body is dead, it remains on the ground, and on the other hand, a sign of living is being awake.

This means that the lip lines of a smile will always going to point up, and being sad or angry will point down.

From all the kind of feeling, the most powerful is happiness, it is contagious, and studies has proven that more than 50% of people will return back a smile.

The most attractive persons are those who has a genuine smile, because they seem honest, interesting and with energy. Besides smiling will help you to be identified more easily.

Also a great smile will be sometimes all what you need to make a good first impression, this will be useful in a job interview, in a friend meeting and to attract someone you want as a partner.

There are several health benefits to smiles. When someone is not happy they can trick their brain by just smiling at the mirror every morning, then even if you are not feeling well, with this simple action you can change your state of mind.

Feeling well helps you to be more healthy and proactive, besides positivity makes you live for longer time.

Some people suffer from an illness duo to stress and depression and other mental illnesses, and this is why they are not happy, but it is important to remember that we have just one life, and every day we can decide to be grateful or to be unsatisfied.

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